About Us

Hourjar is a registered foreign exchange company in the UK. The company's predecessor is a foreign exchange agency that has been operating for seven years. In the second half of 2018, in response to the call of the state, it recalled the establishment of the Hourjar in London by its branches in Europe and Asia.Top expert teams have earned $40 billion in the past seven years, with an average market experience of more than 20 years.

Since the establishment of the company, it has received wide acclaim from outside world. Some investors on the edge of bankruptcy have returned to the right track of life through us. This is even more stimulating our sense of mission, so the new investment plan should be pregnant.

Overall, we have three plans. The first plan was set up to familiarize investors with us, with a minimum investment of five dollars. The second plan is our most popular one, and we strongly recommend it as a safe and profitable one. The third plan is for some investors who want to become a millionaire. The three plan is clear in gradient and reasonable in layout.

When you choose to join us, it means that you will officially move towards wealth and freedom. Whether you choose to invest $5 or $5000, you are very important to us. We will build your money jar for you, and we will be your umbrella to guide you.

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